How to Get and Use Mules in Manor Lords

Kyuma |  Published: April 29, 2024

Learn how to get and use mules in Manor Lords to efficiently transport goods between regions and streamline your settlement’s economy.

Animals play a crucial role in the growth and management of your settlements in Manor Lords. While horses aid in trade and oxen help move heavy materials within your village, mules serve a unique purpose: transporting goods between regions under your control.

This guide will explore how to obtain mules and effectively use them in Manor Lords.

How to Get Mules in Manor Lords?

Constructing a livestock trading post to get mules in manor lords
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Manor Lords offers two methods for obtaining mules:

  1. Pack Station: Construct a Pack Station and order mules for 25 Regional Wealth each. However, this option is limited to once per month.
  2. Livestock Trading Post: Build a Livestock Trading Post to set a desired surplus of mules. Whenever mules are available, your traders will deliver them to your settlement.

Regardless of the method chosen, ensure that you have vacant stable spaces to accommodate your new mules. Failure to provide proper housing will result in the animals wandering off, wasting your precious resources.

Differences Between Mules and Horses

Mules and Horses are different in manor lords
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While both mules and horses provide logistical support, they serve distinct purposes in Manor Lords:

  • Mules: Used for bartering and transferring goods between regions under your control.
  • Horses: Employed for transporting goods for trade with other regions.

Understanding these differences will help you allocate your resources effectively and optimize your settlement’s economy.

How to Use Mules in Manor Lords?

Use mules to trade in manor lords
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Mules are essential for efficiently transporting goods between regions you control. To set up a bartering system between your settlements:

  1. Construct a Trading Post in your newly conquered region to receive bartered goods from your original town.
  2. In your original town, build a Pack Station and assign a family to operate it.
  3. Purchase at least one mule (ideally two) to transport the bartered goods between regions.
  4. Select one type of goods from your original town to send to the new village, and choose one item from the new village to send back to the original town.

Once the bartering system is established and mules are assigned, the family running the Pack Station will transport the goods to the Trading Post in the new village. The goods will be exchanged, and the mules will be guided back to the original town. Each trip can accommodate up to 20 mules or 20 units of goods.