Rise of the Ronin The End of the Shogunate Quest Guide

Scarletrune |  Published: April 11, 2024

Find out how to complete The End of the Shogunate quest in Rise of the Ronin in this guide. We’ll explain everything you need to know!

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Rise of the Ronin with The End of the Shogunate quest. Prepare for epic boss battles and uncover the secrets that will shape the future of Japan!

Rise of the Ronin The End of the Shogunate Quest Guide

Rise of the Ronin: The End of the Shogunate Quest Guide
Team NInja

This comprehensive guide will lead you through the main mission and its accompanying sub-missions, including Burgeoning Betrayal, The Feud in Aburanokoji, and The Last Shogun.

Step 1: Discussing the Future with Katsura

Begin your journey at the Satsuma Clan Kyoto Estate in the Marutamachi district. Locate Katsura inside and engage in a conversation about the upcoming events.

After the chat, head to the Nishi Honganji Temple in the Shimabara district to meet Katsura once again. Accept his request to start the Burgeoning Betrayal sub-mission.

Step 2: Burgeoning Betrayal

Rise of the Ronin The End of the Shogunate Quest Guide Step 2.2
Team Ninja

In this submission, you’ll need to showcase your skills to Hajime Saito. Prepare for an intense boss fight against Shinpachi Nagakura. Here is Shinpachi Nakagura’s move set:

WeaponOne large weapon
AttacksCombinations of normal attacks, charges, and lunges
DifficultyDifficult to parry
Red AttacksGrab attempt
Best DefenseDodge to the side
AdditionalSpin attack with potential follow-up normal attacks
Rise of the Ronin The End of the Shogunate Quest Guide Step 2.1
Team Ninja

After the battle, a cutscene will reveal more about Soji Okita’s condition. You’ll then face off against Hajime Saito himself. Emerge victorious to be accepted into the group and progress the story. Here is Hajime Saito’s move set to help you defeat him:

Normal AttacksMelee combination ending with airborne spin attack
ParryingAim to perfect parry the airborne spin attack
Red AttacksWell-telegraphed lunge, easier to perfect parry or dodge

Step 3: The Feud in Aburanokoji

Rise of the Ronin The End of the Shogunate Quest Guide Step 3
Team Ninja

Meet up with Hajime Saito in the Aburanokoji district to start The Feud in Aburanokoji sub-mission. Brace yourself for a series of challenging boss fights, starting with Heisuke Todo. After defeating him, you’ll need to take on Mikisaburo Suzuki.

The last boss in this step is Kashitaro Ito himself. A cutscene will mark the end of Ito’s involvement in the conflict. Here is Kashitaro Ito’s move set breakdown:

Normal AttacksCombination of melee attacks
Special AttacksJumps on statues, discharges appear, fires poisonous green projectiles
CountermeasuresQuickly fire ranged weapon or wait for him to jump, then parry or dodge
Red AttacksThrows bombs, rains green projectiles
AvoidanceDodge bomb throws to prevent Ki depletion and stun, practice perfect dodging to avoid green projectile rain and poison status

Step 4: Reporting Back and Plotting the Next Move

Rise of the Ronin The End of the Shogunate Quest Guide Step 4
Team Ninja

Return to Katsura at the Choshu Clan Kyoto Estate to report your progress. A lengthy conversation will reveal the next steps in your journey. Follow the objective marker to meet up with Ryoma and head to Nijo Castle together. Speak with Ryoma at the castle to initiate the final sub-mission, The Last Shogun.

Completing Rise of the Ronin The End of the Shogunate Quest

Rise of the Ronin The End of the Shogunate Quest Guide Step 5
Team Ninja

In this climactic sub-mission, you’ll face off against Ernest Satow in a boss fight that will determine the fate of the shogunate. Here is a summary of his attacks:

Accompanying EnemiesDeal with regular enemies at the beginning of the fight
Enemy AbilitiesCan use ranged weapons and throw poison bombs
Boss AttacksUtilizes melee and ranged attacks, potential airborne attacks
CountermeasuresBe prepared to parry or dodge attacks at any moment
Environmental HazardLeaves a trail of fire, avoid contact to prevent damage and negative status
Airborne AttacksCan fly above the arena and perform a hard-hitting ground attack from the air
Defense StrategyDodging is preferable to countering airborne attacks
HealingDon’t allow Satow a moment of respite, attack consistently to prevent him from healing himself
TeamworkCoordinate attacks with companions, focus on attacking Satow simultaneously with multiple characters

Utilize your skills and strategies to overcome this formidable foe. After the battle, a cutscene will highlight the shaky alliances that have formed and set the stage for the next chapter in your adventure.

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