Manor Lords: How to Get Sheep

Kyuma |  Published: April 29, 2024

Discover how to obtain and breed sheep in Manor Lords to generate wool, a crucial resource for crafting clothing and upgrading your settlement.

In Manor Lords, livestock plays an important role in the growth and management of your settlement. Among the various animals available, sheep stand out as a valuable resource due to their ability to produce wool, which is essential for crafting clothing and upgrading your burgage plots.

This guide will walk you through the process of acquiring and breeding sheep in Manor Lords, ensuring a steady supply of wool for your settlement’s needs.

How to Get Sheep in Manor Lords?

how to get sheeps in manor lords
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To obtain sheep in Manor Lords, you’ll need to construct two key buildings: the Livestock Trading Post and the Sheep Farm.

The Livestock Trading Post functions similarly to the regular Trading Post but is dedicated to importing and exporting animals, including sheep. To construct this building, you’ll need:

  • 2 units of Timber
Acquire sheeps in manor lords through livestock trading post
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Once the Livestock Trading Post is built, assign one family to manage the trade. Each sheep will cost 30 Regional Wealth, which is relatively affordable for players focusing on increasing their settlement’s wealth.

For a Small Village, ordering three to four sheep should provide an adequate initial supply of wool. To place an order:

  1. Access the Livestock Trading Post
  2. Enter the Trade menu
  3. Change the “No Trade” status next to the Sheep icon to “Import”
  4. Use the plus sign to increase the number of sheep you wish to order

How to Build a Sheep Farm in Manor Lords?

Make a sheep farm  in manor lords
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After placing your order, a trader will deliver the sheep to the Livestock Trading Post the following day. In the meantime, construct a Sheep Farm to house your new livestock. Building a Sheep Farm requires:

  • 1 unit of Timber

Assign one family to the Sheep Farm, where they will manage the sheep, harvest wool, and deliver it to the local market.

If you’ve unlocked the Sheepbreeding development point, the sheep in your pastures will gradually multiply, eliminating the need to import new sheep and providing an opportunity to generate regional income by exporting surplus livestock. As your sheep population grows, assign additional workers to the Sheep Farm to ensure proper care.

How to Make Wool in Manor Lords?

Sheep serve a crucial purpose in Manor Lords by producing wool, which is necessary for crafting clothing and upgrading your burgage plots. To make the most of your sheep:

  1. Ensure your Sheep Farm is adequately staffed to manage your livestock and harvest wool efficiently
  2. Construct a Weaver’s Workshop near the Sheep Farm to streamline the production process
  3. Assign workers to the Weaver’s Workshop to convert the harvested wool into yarn

By strategically placing these buildings and assigning the appropriate number of workers, you can create a seamless wool production chain that meets your settlement’s needs and contributes to its growth.